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24 Hour Delivery

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‘Forest Freight played a big part in helping to deliver the London Olympics on time, and ensuring that the logistics of the event went as smoothly as possible. Completing over 4,200 successful deliveries and collections, we were commended by our partners for our efforts. On one occasion we were given an immediate task of delivering an extra 2,500 seats to the Eton Dorney site where the rowing and canoeing events took place, just 2 days before the venue was due to host its first event! Our flexibility enabled us to complete this job without affecting any other part of our business.’

Forest Freight

We are a privately owned, independent company providing innovative transport and warehousing solutions since 1971. Today we support more than 400 customers in the UK - many of them 'blue chip' names by providing an unusually comprehensive portfolio.


We are driven by a dynamic, young management team whose pro-active approach and problem solving skills underpin our success, notably in the manufacture and shipping sectors and in winning an increasing share of the UK transport and warehouse business.


Over the years we have invested continually in new resources in anticipation of our customer's needs. This vision maintains our position at the forefront of the UK transport and warehousing market.

What we do

  • Express Delivery & Collection Services
  • Dedicated Logistics Management
  • Internal Logistics Team
  • Specialist Transport
  • Storage & Distribution Solutions
  • Warehousing
  • Webtrack Online Track & Trace Facility

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