About Us

Driven by a young, dynamic management team, Forest Freight  provide innovative transport and warehousing solutions nationwide. Our pro-active approach and problem solving skills underpin our success, notably in the manufacture and shipping sectors and our  growing UK transport and warehouse business.


Forest Freight’s Head Office

Forest Freight’s head office and warehouse is based just 15 miles from Central London and only 3 miles from the M25, giving us fantastic transport links into the city. We also have a fully operational warehouse based in Yorkshire, which is a key component of our delivery service that distributes to any destination in the UK.


ERTS Registered

As a fully registered ERTS company, we have the licence to collect and devan containers from any port across the UK. With warehousing space across two sites in excess of 110,000 square feet, complete with racking and dock levellers, not to mention our fleet of over 60 vehicles, we are the perfect company to handle any sort of consignment that you wish to allocate with us.


First Class

As a company, we pride ourselves on our first class service and the facilities we have on offer. No consignment is too large or too small, and we put maximum effort and energy into ensuring that all requests from our customers are carried out with optimum efficiency.

Our customer awarded us with a roll-out that required a 3 phase delivery to 2,500 UK based stores, all to be completed within a 4 week timescale. Each store represented a different challenge with various restrictions such as access, timed bookings and other obstacles that present themselves when delivering direct to store. That we have carried out the roll-out each and every year since we were first given the job, is a testament to the service levels that we provide our customers with.