Kyotec, an industry-leader in contemporary window manufacturing, based in Poland, trusted Forest Freight to store and deliver their fragile goods across two major London projects, with short turnaround windows and 24/7 on-call services.


We hold all the relevant accreditations to get your goods in and out of London safely.

What Kyotec say about Forest Freight

Kyotec’s Needs

Supplying high-quality windows to two major building projects across London, Kyotec had to fit into a flexible schedule, whilst ensuring that there were no delays in the supply pipeline. This required a transport solution that could meet a high-demand environment, with immediate access to inner city sites.

Due to the nature of the industry and the specific conditions required to install Kyotec’s windows, the company needed a guaranteed storage solution should a job not be completed in time – whether that be due to late deliveries from other suppliers, sub-optimal weather conditions for crane use, or other unforeseen issues.

Our Solutions

  • Quick turnaround
  • Same day delivery, 24/7
  • Expert management
  • Warehouse storage
  • On-demand logistics
  • Same day service available

Kyotec decided that Forest Freight’s expert logistic solutions were right for their unique needs. Our fantastic location just outside of London meant that we were available 24/7 to make pick-ups and deliveries. Furthermore, our fleet of 60 vehicles are specially-designed for London haulage, with Euro 6 emissions compliance and FORS Silver safety recognition. Kyotec knew they could rely on our highly-trained and experienced drivers to meet their tight schedule, even for inner-city destinations.

With the possibility of goods being returned from site due to delays from other suppliers or adverse weather conditions, our local warehouse offered a great solution, with goods being returned, stored, and ready to re-deliver at the drop of a hat. This meant we could meet tight turnaround schedules, on demand – frequently with only a few hours’ notice.

In early 2019, Kyotec rented a large area of our warehouse and sent the majority of the outstanding project materials to us, demonstrating their satisfaction with our service and their trust in the Forest Freight team.

Within short notice, we took in all remaining trailers of materials, relying on our warehouse resources to manage stock maintain our efficiency. Thereafter, Kyotec relied on us to directly control all deliveries from depot to site, only notifying us in advance of when materials were due.

The Result

Due to our commitment and dependability, Kyotec have been able to meet their delivery schedule, ensuring that work on their London projects has proceeded uninterrupted.

Thanks to our exemplary service levels, attention to detail and competitive price, we are already collaborating with Kyotec on a number of their latest projects. We have cemented ourselves as their trusted UK partner, and this is all down to Forest Freights ethos, vision, hard-work, and dedication.

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