Do you offer contactless deliveries?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we now offer contactless deliveries as required. For additional safety measures, our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis and our staff and drivers have been supplied with hand sanitiser and face masks to help protect against COVID-19.

How much does heavy haulage cost?

All of our pricing is delivered through tailored quotes. If you are interested in one of our services or are looking for cost details, please visit our contact page to make an enquiry. Our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your personalised quotation.

What regions do you cover?

Our drivers are able to cover all of England, Wales & Scotland. Please see below for more information about international deliveries.

Who can use Forest Freight?

We serve a variety of businesses across multiple sectors, including construction, industrial, auto, events and exhibitions, and much more. If you’d like to discuss the unique needs of your sector, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fleet & Vehicle FAQs

Each vehicle in our fleet is fitted with state-of-the art tracking software. This can be accessed, 24/7, through our online client portal which allows customers to view and share all documentation relating to their consignment, providing with maximum visibility throughout the entire rollout process.

Yes, 80% of our fleet are equipped with tail-lifts, so we are able to provide a first-class distribution service for all types of consignments.

Yes, we have two flatbed trailers available to cover any specific consignment requirements. All of our flatbed trailers are operated by fully-trained drivers to ensure goods are transported safely.

Yes, our fleet has artic and rigid vehicles with mounted fork-lift trucks. Additionally, we have trailers and rigid vehicles with tail-lifts.

Delivery Service FAQs

Unfortunately, we only provide freight deliveries to business addresses. We do not make deliveries to residential addresses.

We offer transportation services for both full and part loads. Our smaller trucks and vans are also suited for city haulage.

No. Our services are B2B only.

Yes. We are fully licensed to store and handle hazardous materials.

Yes, we can load containers. Our warehouse has 6 loading bays with dock levellers that are used to both load and unload containers.

Yes, we can offer solutions using either our own fleet or trusted partners.

Our large, dynamic fleet is designed to deal with all types of construction logistics. Including direct access to some of the UK’s busiest construction sites.

Yes, we offer flexible FCL delivery solutions for all haulage types. Our FCL deliveries are carried out by our highly trained experts so you can rest assured your goods are in safe hands.

Storage & Warehousing FAQs

Yes, our 24/7 warehousing facilities provide a convenient storage solution for specialist consignments which need sorting and redistribution under strict time constraints. One warehouse is located just outside Central London and the second is in South Yorkshire. Here is more detail about our warehouse services.

We have two warehouse spaces across the UK. One is located in Essex, which is our main depot and operations centre, and the other is based in the North of England. In total, our warehouse facilities measure at 110k square foot.

Exhibition & Event Logistics FAQs

Exhibition logistics refers to the handling and transportation of event industry related freight. Regardless of where the event is being held, exhibition logistics enable you to safely store goods until schedule and ensure they arrive at the right venue on time. Exhibition logistics covers all types of events, from trade shows, festivals, fairs to live conferences. Whether you need to ship promotional merchandise, specialist props or technical equipment, exhibition logistics will handle the whole process to ensure you deliver a successful event experience.

Event logistics includes two main services; storage and transportation of exhibition related goods. This allows you to navigate your equipment to the event venue without hassle as well as store items in between shows if required. Event logistics is designed to deliver all you need for your exhibition and ensure it arrives safely and on time.

If you are looking to host a successful event experience, exhibition logistics offer flexible services to help handle the movement of your specialist equipment. This includes secure storage solutions for your items in between shows as well as collection and delivery of your materials. This is a convenient way of keeping your goods safe and ensures they get where they need to be quickly.

Construction Logistics FAQs

Construction logistics focuses on the management of packing and transportation of raw building materials to project sites. This enables hauliers and forwarders to store their goods and ensure they arrive at location on time. Not only is it designed to keep supply chains clear but to also ensure there is no delay in your operation.

Forest Freight offers a whole range of construction logistics solutions, tailored to your bespoke requirements. No matter if your items are being shipped by trailer, rail or ship, our experienced team are on-hand to collect your equipment and get it to where it’s needed.

Please get in touch with Forest Freight and a member of our team will discuss the process of building your construction logistics plan to support your project. If you’re looking to submit a construction plan soon, we’ve got all the guidance about the framework and details you’ll need in order to create an effective construction logistics plan.

Keeping your supply chain under control is vital in the construction industry as it helps to maximise efficiency and ensure projects are completed within your budget. If supply chains are managed correctly, it allows jobs to be completed on time and construction site operations to run smoothly. An organised supply flow can save time and money as well as minimise material wastage.

There are many aspects of logistics works that are used for construction sites. From planning to completion, it is critical that all movements of goods, waste and services are handled safely. One example is the delivery of materials and equipment to where the workforce needs them. This involves supply chain management which ensures goods are delivered to site.

Another logistics activity is the storage of consignments prior to distribution. This means hauliers and forwarders can transport goods to be collected and secured before being delivered.

The packing and handling of consignments is also important for construction sites. When it comes to distributing supplies, they’ll need to be protected whilst on route to ensure no delays in your operation. This helps to prevent equipment from getting lost or damaged as well as maintains stock and material levels.

Logistics in off-site construction provide a convenient solution for handling larger components and making sure they are available at the start of the project. It is an efficient way of ensuring goods are unloaded safely and allows the building process to commence without any disruption. No matter your construction objectives, Forest Freight offers logistics for all size projects and is able to manage the movement of your goods with the utmost safety and attention.

Additional FAQs

Yes, we are FORS Silver accredited. All of our vehicles are fully equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology, including on-board cameras, cyclist detection systems and FORS Silver-endorsed turning alarms, to ensure the safety of both your goods and the public throughout transportation.

We are ideally situated just 10 miles from London Gateway Port Facility. Our well-located main depot is just 15 minutes away from Central London, ensuring our customers get their goods delivered on time and within budget, no matter how big or small the consignment.

Yes, we are able to assist with full devan of any size container and provide complete storage facilities to ensure our customers a quick turnaround time.

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