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Efficient haulage solutions for the construction sector.

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Our Construction Logistics Services

At Forest Freight, we take pride in offering flexible, future-ready construction logistics that enable our clients to execute their project as efficiently and safely as possible. Our full service covers every stage of the process, from pre-construction to completion.

We understand the importance of fast, open supply chains from freight stations to your site. Whether your consignments are coming via trailer, rail or ship, it’s imperative that they are sorted, packed and delivered on time. This prevents operational downtime and increased costs for your business.

Our modern freight depot is ideally situated for your construction logistic requirements. We are stone’s throw from London Gateway, ensuring that consignments brought into the port can be collected in record time.

We are only 15-minutes away from Central London, offering direct access to some of the UK’s busiest construction sites. The depot is also close to the M25 motorway, allowing us to reach sites up and down the UK with ease. Our excellent location makes it easy for hauliers and forwarders to reach our depot and store their goods – whether they come from the UK, Europe, or across the globe.

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15 minutes from Central London

Benefits of Construction Logistics

Our high-quality construction logistics service ensures that your goods – be they equipment or raw materials – are collected and handled with care, before being delivered where they’re most needed.

Effective Supply Chain Management

Due to Forest Freight’s close proximity to Central London, this removes the need for an extra consolidation warehouse. Our location provides convenient access for forwarders, reduces costs and ensures a quick turnaround time.

The Importance of Construction Logistics

If you’re looking to protect the rollout of your construction project, Forest Freight can help you. Our construction logistics solutions ensure to maximise the speed of your supply chains and keep your operations ticking smoothly, on schedule and within your budget. So you can save time and money, maintain supply stock levels and site safety.

Our Construction Logistics Process

The first stage of our process focuses on the initial setup of your construction logistics project. This gives customers the chance to speak with us about their expectations and allow our expert team to take all your needs on board to create a fully flexible construction logistics strategy. The whole logistics procedure, including collection, handling and delivery of goods, will be carried out within the relevant legislation safety standards.

Changes in Construction Logistics

As a leading freight company, we are always preparing for movements in the industry and adapting our services to keep up with the on-going changes in supply chains. The future of the construction industry will be dictated by new challenges, as businesses look to reduce the impact of haulage and logistics on road congestion and, by extension, the environment.

One of the solutions to these issues is the construction of new consolidation centres, helping minimise freight traffic and lower carbon emissions. They also keep sites cleared of any obstacles and reduce the need for on-site storage space.

At Forest Freight, we’re already ahead of the curve in this regard, as our depot is situated just 15 minutes from central London – allowing hauliers and forwarders to process and store deliveries quickly, without the need for consolidation centres. This helps you save time and money on your construction logistics overheads.


We hold all the relevant accreditations to handle your goods safely.

Construction logistics that works for you


  • 15 minutes from Central London
  • 10 miles from London Gateway
  • 24-hour service
  • Same-day pickup & delivery
  • CPC qualified drivers
  • Competitive industry rates
  • Real-time tracking
  • Euro6 & LEZ compliant
  • FORS Silver certified

What our clients say about Forest Freight

Our construction logistics teams prioritise efficiency, ensuring that your vital goods get where they need to be, on time and within budget. By keeping supply chains clear, we help you complete the job as quickly and professionally as possible.

What is Construction Logistics?

Construction logistics refers to the management of building materials for on-site and off-site construction projects. This includes sorting, packing and transporting goods to be delivered on time, at the right location. It also means hauliers and forwarders can store their items prior to distribution. This helps to keep supply chains clear and ensures all construction supplies are handled safely in between operations.

Construction Logistics Planning

It is our duty to implement a construction logistics plan (CLP) that promotes best practice and meets your objectives. A CLP is important for reducing road freight congestion, environmental impacts and risks to local communities. Our professional team will support the framework creation and full planning development.

What we provide

We are dedicated to providing a whole suite of construction site logistics to support your project. Our experts are able to adapt our services to meet your requirements – ensuring everything is completed on-schedule.

  1. Construction logistics planning support

  2. Risk assessment and scheduling

  3. Logistics management

  4. Packaging and handling of construction materials

  5. Collection and delivery of goods on site and off site

  6. Full logistics warehousing

  7. Waste management

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Forest Freight are at the forefront of adopting new technologies to keep freight in the 21st century. Our advanced technology solutions include on-board cameras for our drivers such as hazard alarms and cyclist detection systems, as well as 24/7 CCTV for added security and consignment tracking. To be more eco-conscious, we’ve also made our fleet Low Emission Zone compliant for transporting goods in and out of London – but we know there’s more steps to take.

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Designed for City Haulage

Our large fleet is uniquely outfitted to deal with construction logistics in UK cities. Our vehicles are FORS Silver accredited, Low Emission Zone compliant, and fitted with on-board cameras so our drivers can make deliveries safely throughout urban centres. We also include hazard alarms and cyclist detection systems to ensure the public remain safe while we deliver goods to your site.

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Tailored Solutions for your Needs

Our in-house operations team are experts in logistics operations, ensuring that every consignment is tracked and accounted for. At Forest Freight, we know that even one late delivery can set a construction site back hours, if not days. That’s why our highly-trained teams work 24/7 to ensure your shipments get to you with plenty of time to spare. We also appreciate that there is no ‘one size fits all solution’, and are committed to offering a construction logistics service that works for your specialist requirements.

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Ideally Located for Construction Logistics

Our Rainham-based, 110k sq ft warehouse facility operates 24/7, allowing customers to store products and materials with experts, and offering exceptionally reduced lead times on projects – saving time and money. And if a delivery window is missed or a project is delayed, we provide a convenient depot for goods to be stored and redistributed when needed. This helps reduce carbon footprint, minimise mileage and costs, as well as maximise efficiency. Our cross-docking services means you can get your goods ready when you need them.

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Why Choose Forest Freight?

Our experienced team of construction logistics experts know the importance of your supply chain, and how to make it flow smoothly. With first-class logistics software and vehicles, Forest Freight is on-hand to help get your goods delivered safely, ensuring efficiency for your business.

Speak to us about your construction logistics requirements.

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