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With 50 plus years working with some of the biggest UK festivals we understand that the success of any event is dependent on swift, efficient festival transport and music festival logistics.

Whether it is a music festival, food festival, or cultural event, proper planning and execution of logistics can make or break the experience for attendees and organisers.

That’s why our highly trained and experienced festival logistics experts, armed with a fleet of over 60 specialised vehicles, are dedicated to ensuring your operations run seamlessly and hassle-free. We’ve handled successful festival transport and logistics operations up and down the country including Glastonbury, Download, Parklife, Detonate, Y-Not Fest, Creamfields South, Wilderness, Boardmasters, Creamfields North and Sundown Festival. For every client we offered a personalised, fluid approach that takes each of their festival logistics needs into account – resulting in a swift, efficient service tailored to their needs.

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What part does Logistics play in Festivals?

Festival logistics covers all aspects related to the handling and transportation of your equipment as well as the full transportation and set-up of your promotional goods in addition to the operational processes for getting your supplies. Whether your goods require collection, warehousing or distribution, our festival logistics are specifically designed to help with the smooth running of scheduled events from start to finish. So performers can deliver a breathtaking experience.

What are the types of festival logistics

From music fes­ti­vals to arts and culture festivals no two festivals are the same. The same goes for the required festival logistics. Music festivals require the transportation of instruments, props and merchandise whereas arts and culture festivals may require sculptures or art work to be transported. With our 50-plus years of experience in festival and music logistics as well as work with some of the biggest festivals in the UK we understand that no two festivals are the same.


We hold all the relevant accreditations to handle your festival’s goods safely.

Your trusted festival logistics partner, for every step of the journey


  • Experienced team of festival logistics experts
  • 2nd warehouse facility in the North of England
  • Real-time tracking and updates across delivery
  • Over 60 specialised vehicles
  • CPC qualified drivers
  • Competitive industry rates

Our team of experienced experts is dedicated to delivering world-class festival transport and music festival logistics that focus on achieving a smooth running of your festival by getting your goods where they need to be on time and for a competitive industry rate.

Indoor & Outdoor Festival Logistics

Whether you’ve planned an exciting cultural festival at an indoor venue or a live music festival outdoors, festival logistics allows you to manage and control the delivery of your goods, no matter where it needs to be. Forest Freight is fully equipped to cater to any festival logistics be that inside or outside. Our large-scale warehousing facilities are built with state-of-the-art loading solutions and are available to ensure everything will arrive with optimum speed and efficiency. With a combination of both planning and experience, we execute the best festival logistics strategy that exceeds all your requirements.

Perfectly located for any festival.

Our main depot is located just 20 minutes away from the heart of the capital and our depot in the north of England has easy access to all the major motorways which makes us the number one choice for festivals up and down the country. Our fleet of vehicles is designed for city haulage and not only meets the FORS silver approval but also achieves the Low Emission Zone compliance standards. In addition to this, our secondary depot is located in the North of England which enables us to transport and store goods from all over the country with ease.

Nationwide next-day delivery

Organising a festival can be a stressful endeavour, especially when you have distributions coming from all over the country. In order to make this process as seamless and stress-free as possible, we offer a next-day and overnight delivery service – ensuring goods arrive when and where they’re needed. For priority consignments, within range of depot, we can also perform same-day deliveries. In order to maintain transparency throughout, you can track your goods via our online 24/7 tracking service.

Why choose Forest Freight for your festival logistics?

Trust Forest Freight to deliver a fast, efficient, and comprehensive service that is suited to your festival logistics needs.

With a fleet of over 60 specialised vehicles and fully qualified and experienced drivers, we’ll take complete control of your warehousing, deliveries, and pick-ups, so you can focus on putting on an unforgettable festival.

With our 50-plus-year experience working with some of the biggest UK festivals we have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of festivals we pride ourselves on using our experience to assist us in finding the most optimal route and delivering a stress-free festival logistic experience.


No matter your event, our services are fully tailored to meet your needs. Our experts are on-hand to manage festival transport and festival logistics for all different shows and events, including live music experiences, festivals, fairs, trade shows, conferences and many more.

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