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110k sq ft of warehouse space

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24/7 warehousing & unpacking

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60+ specialist vehicles in our fleet

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10 miles from London Gateway

Our state-of-the-art warehousing service facilities are equipped with all the modern logistic technologies to ensure that your consignments are collected, stored, and re-distributed as efficiently as possible. 6 loading bays enable us to quickly unload goods from our diverse fleet, and our expert freight warehouse services team are well-trained in handling and palletisation, keeping the process moving.

We’re situated just minutes from London Gateway and Tilbury Docks, making our warehouse services ideally based for consignments that need sorting and storing under strict time constraints. What’s more, we’re only 15-minutes from Central London and three miles from the M25, making it easy for goods to be distributed across the entire UK or stored for an extended period of time.

Warehouse services to suit your needs

  • 6 loading bays designed for our large fleet
  • 110k sq ft of warehouse space across 2 UK facilities
  • Experienced and dedicated warehouse services team
  • Same-day warehousing, sorting and re-distribution
  • Less than 15 mins from Central London
  • 10 miles from London Gateway port
  • 24-hour warehouse services
  • Competitive industry rates
  • Hazardous material capacity

Export Loading Services

We offer consolidation services and full load container packing. Regardless of how awkward your cargo is, we guarantee that it will be packed and secured to a professional standard. With our extensive vehicle fleet, we have plenty of transit vans, articulated lorries and forklifts to facilitate the movement of all shape goods in the safest possible manner.

Unloading & Loading Vehicles

At Forest Freight, we have experience with handling the unpacking of vehicles, whether they’re brand-new models or classics. We also have an on-site mechanic and workshop, equipped to perform extra work if needed. So if you need help with dismantling parts or making repairs, our expert team has all the tools to ensure your vehicle is ready for transportation.

Material Handling & Distribution

We offer a professional pick and pack warehouse service for consignments, which can be tailored to suit your needs. Our dedicated team will accommodate for every request – nothing is too much for us to deal with!

Our highly trained warehousing solutions staff can manage the entire handling and packing process to suit your business needs. Covering a range of warehouse activities, from labelling products, palletisation, assembling goods and packaging of items prior to shipping.

Warehouse Storage

We’re able to offer short and long term storage available for a wide range of cargo types. If you’re moving pallets, we have secure, specialised racked storage for your requests, as well as external storage facilities for building materials and other such goods.

Other items we offer warehouse storage for include manufacturing components, production/building materials, heavy bulky items, spare parts/supplies, hazardous/fragile goods, pallet loads and vehicles.

Import Services

Our fleet is on-hand 24/7 to collect your consignments from the port before bringing them to our warehouse team for unpacking and storage. Our proximity to two of London’s major ports means we can collect and store your goods quickly and efficiently, taking the stress out of importation.

State-of-the-Art Technology

In order to ensure our freight warehouse services deliver maximum performance, we have invested in world-class technology from top to bottom. This includes 24/7 CCTV for added security and consignment tracking for your peace of mind.

What our clients say about our warehouse services

Why choose Forest Freight?

Our dedicated and experienced warehouse services team know what it takes to keep a large operation moving, that’s why they work 24/7 to unpack, pack, and classify your consignments, ensuring that your goods get where they need to be on time. As the haulage and warehouse business continues to thrive, we are always here to give our customers the excellent service the deserve. Our extensive warehouses in London, and beyond, are ready for your goods!

Frequently asked questions

What is a freight warehouse?
A freight warehouse is used as a container garage, housing containers and goods until they are ready to be moved to their next location. Whilst being housed in a freight warehouse, the containers are under the supervision of the freight forwarder. Devanning, also known as de-stuffing, is the process of unloading pallets and goods from a container. This often takes place in warehouses before dispatching the goods to their final destination.

How big of a warehouse do I need?

Each warehousing company is different but there are a few ways you can calculate how much space you will need. The first thing to do is to check how big your pallets are and how many you will be storing. You’ll then need to consider how many of your pallets can be stacked and how much space you’ll want to take up in the warehouse.

By looking at all these specifics you can determine how big of a warehouse you need. Forest Freight offers 110k square feet of space across two warehousing facilities in London, accommodating any warehouse floorspace you need.

What are the warehousing delivery charges?

Warehouse delivery charges are based on many different factors including how much you are transporting and where to. Charges also depend on what services you require. For example, your charges can include the cost of warehouse activities such as labelling, assembling and packaging goods before they are shipped out.

We can accommodate all services with our six loading bays, 24-hour service and same-day redistribution of warehouse space. Find your warehousing solutions with Forest Freight for the best deal on delivery charges.

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